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Speech – Announcement of New Party

Good morning,

Over the past three weeks, I have received thousands of messages of support from Canadians across the country who want a real choice in October 2019.

I have been in contact with hundreds of people wishing to get involved as volunteers or stand as candidates. Many groups of supporters are being organized, even before the party is officially registered.

And we have already raised $140,000 from very generous donors, even though it is not possible for us to issue tax receipts yet.

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Speech – Choosing the Principled Alternative

You probably know that one of my nicknames, apart from “Mad Max,” is “the Albertan from Quebec.” So it’s always a pleasure to be back here in Calgary, to reconnect with my Alberta roots!

And it’s even more of a pleasure to be in a room full of true Alberta conservatives. That’s like being in conservative heaven!

Just to make sure there is no misunderstanding here: I’m talking of course about a… small-c conservative heaven!

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