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I keep hearing people (almost universally CPC supporters) advancing arguments like “you can’t split the vote” or a “vote for the PPC is a vote for Trudeau”. A vote for the PPC is a vote for the PPC. It is a vote for the one political party willing to actually defend...

An Empty Tarmac

On April 12th, 2018, as he prepared to board a plane heading for the Summit of the Americas in Peru, Trudeau turned and waved to an empty tarmac. Nobody was there, but it was a photo op, and a brilliant metaphor for a foreign policy that is high on fashion and low on...

Trudeau the Science Guy

Trudeau knows a little bit of what constitutes good science. He once sat next to Bill Nye the Science Guy and regaled us with musings of how “Every single human being starts off as a scientist. When you’re a baby, you are a scientist. If I make this noise, wow, I get...

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