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On February 1st, 2018, a woman rose in a town hall meeting with the Prime Minister and offered some fawning praise. She thanked him for coming, and for filling the seats of his Cabinet with female leaders, proclaiming “we believe that you’ve done this because you’ve realized the ability and power that women actually possess.” That power, we quickly learned, is something called “maternal love”, which is “scientifically known as mitochondria or oxytocin” and its “the necessity that sustains our global village. And actually, this kind of love is a kind of love that puts others ahead of themselves, like a mother cares for her children.” Now, at this point, Trudeau might have pointed out that over 20 percent of women terminate their children in the womb, which rather undermines her putting “others ahead of themselves” narrative – but instead he let her continue embarrassing herself. The woman then declared that “our world today is deteriorating in love. There is more wars going on, more hatred going on, even churches are also deteriorating.” Of course, this statement was almost as absurd as her reference to mitochondria, because recent decades have been significantly more peaceful than average. The woman then declared, “we are actually from the World Mission Society Church of God. And the reason why, actually, our church is different and is growing is because actually we have the female aspect of God, which is God the Mother, actually. The whole world only knows about God the Father, but in the Bible, they’re actually …” and here she is actually interrupted by Trudeau asking if she actually had an actual question – actually.

The World Mission Society Church of God believes that their founder, Ahn Sahng-hong, is the second coming of Jesus, even though he died in 1985, and that their co-founder, Zang Gil-ja, is God the Mother – because that’s what Ahn Sahng-hong declared. The woman proclaimed, “in Canada, our volunteering as a charitable religious organization is extremely difficult. Extremely. That’s why, in actuality, we cannot do free volunteering to help our neighbors in need as we truly desire. So that’s why we came here today to ask you to also look into the policies that religious charitable organizations have in our legislation so that it can also be changed, because maternal love is the love that’s going to change the future of mankind. So we’d like you to …” And that was when the divine moment happened. In the presence of women representing the true religion that proclaims two Gods and a second-coming in the form of their already dead religious leader, Trudeau, like Moses on Mount Sinai, decided to proclaim his magnificent wokeness, issuing the words that would be heard around the world … “We like to say peoplekind, not necessarily mankind, because its more inclusive.”

Fully woke, the woman jubilantly answered, “There you go, exactly. Yes. Thank you. Trudeau then added, “We can all learn from each other.” Then, as Trudeau tried to actually address the question that was actually asked, the women proclaimed that they actually had another question, and she said “Also, we’d like to share the message about God the Mother with you sometime because it’s really the truth, and that’s really amazing and that’s something the world doesn’t know.” She wanted Trudeau to “study the Bible” with them – which is absurd. Expecting Trudeau to actually “study the Bible” is about as likely as him actually reading the Charter. It ain’t gonna happen.

His “peoplekind” comment drew a lot of derisive commentary. Canada’s Jordan Peterson said “That indicates precisely the way he thinks, and I don’t think he does think. I think he runs an ideology in his head and accepts the output without question. And I think we’re really going to pay for it in Canada, in ways that we can’t yet imagine.” Ben Shapiro tweeted, “Justin Trudeau is what would happen if the song ‘Imagine’ took human form and then ate a Tide Pod.” Of course Trudeau wants us to believe that he was simply making a ‘dumb joke’, saying ‘I don’t necessarily have the best of track records on jokes.”. Perhaps, but he has certainly set records. No Prime Minister in Commonwealth History had earned such constant international derision as has Trudeau.

The ‘peoplekind’ comment went viral in part because Trudeau’s progressive position on actual gender issues actually suggests that maybe he wasn’t actually joking. Trudeau introduced Canada’s first gender-balanced Cabinet, tries to make gender a central facet of trade-talks, and he forces federal employees to take a mandatory feminist “gender equality” GBA+ course – or else. Employees may write the mandatory test up to three times, so they will get multiple chances at offering answers that are sufficiently woke to satisfy their bureaucratic overlords. Trudeau also booted Sir John A. MacDonald from the $10 bill. Sir John A. created Canada, serving either as our Premier or our Prime Minister for an unparalleled 28 years. However, modern SJWs have accused him of being a racist, sexist bigot for – reasons. Never mind that Sir John A. was actually quite liberal minded, advocating voting rights for women and First Nations. Never mind that he had lifelong friends who were French Catholic, Irish Catholic, First Nations, and Métis. He was a Conservative, so he was most definitely a racist, sexist bigot. Some might wonder why Wilfrid Laurier gets to stay on the $5, and why Mackenzie King gets to stay on the $50. After all, the evidence of their overt bigotries are quite significant – but they were Liberals. Trudeau decided that Sir John A. should be replaced by a woman – and he didn’t really care which women took Sir John A.’s place, so long as she was a woman. Trudeau is the first Canadian Prime Minister to march in a gay pride parade – and he seems to want to march in all of them, saying that he’s “very much looking forward to getting that over with, so there aren’t any more ‘firsts’ and that it just be expected that politicians of all different parties, including prime ministers, when their schedules allow, march in pride parades across the country.” In marching, he carries a distorted Canadian flag featuring rainbow colors. Trudeau aggressively promotes the recruitment of transgenders into Canada’s Armed Forces, because when you have a group that experiences a suicide ideation rate of 40%, adding PTSD to the mix is going to generate something special. Trudeau also wants to increase the representation of actual women in Canada’s Armed Forces from 15% to 25% by 2025. Unwoke skeptics might wonder why our Armed Forces seem more concerned with advancing social agendas than with actually defending the country, but they don’t actually understand that the military is so not the place to practice conformity, and being forward-looking is actually imperative to their actual operational effectiveness – actually. Promoting inclusiveness and increasing diversity will make our military more effective and improve combat readiness because – reasons. Trudeau has also promised that transgender inmates can serve their sentences in prisons based on their gender identity, not their genitalia, and Correctional Services Canada now pays the cost of sex reassignment surgery. One of Trudeau’s crowning achievements was tackling the great gendered abomination existing within our National Anthem. Trudeau changed the line “in all thy sons command” to “in all of us command” in order to kowtow to the tiny minority of Canadians who thought the old line was horribly sexist.

Because he has advanced so many progressive causes in pursuit of gender-inclusion, one can understand why some might be a little skeptical when Trudeau claims that his “peoplekind” comment was just a bad joke, even if Trudeau can offer numerous other examples of epic fails as regards his attempts at humor. However, I am compelled to believe him. We’ve never heard him use the phrase “peoplekind” in any other context, and, perhaps even more importantly, it was actually funny. I know I laughed.

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